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    Forklift Accident Leaves 1 Dead | Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys

    A forklift accident at a wrecker service in Amarillo, Texas left one worker dead and another seriously injured.

    About the Fatal Workplace Accident According to KHOU the accident happened on Tuesday afternoon at HD Wrecker service when a pickup truck being worked on fell on the victims. The forklift was being used to lift the truck. The woman involved sustained injuries that are life-threatening and she was taken to the hospital. The...


    forklift accident statistics - News

    Autonomous Fork Lifts Make the Warehouse Safer
    There are approximately one million forklifts in the United States alone, with around twice as many operators. These one million forklifts are involved in 110,000 accidents per year causing 94,750 injuries, according to statistics from the Occupational

    Biz leaders want tax hikes for infrastructure
    In hindsight, they should have established the original Motor Fuel Tax as a percentage of the cost of fuel - not just a flat rate per gallon. - Secretariat - Thursday . The technology is loosely described under the term “Automated Guided Vehicle

    Kansas group seeking to decriminalize pot
    you prove it, with the current testing methods for marijuana? They could have toked up Sunday afternoon, and still test positive Monday afternoonshould they run a forklift into a three-story shelf and knock it over onto someone. Colorado

    New York Personal Injury Lawyer David Perecman Says Recycling Plant ...
    Four firefighters sustained non-life threatening injuries, ABC News reported. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' fires and explosions accounted for 3% of workplace fatalities in 2007. For the past 30 years, the New York construction

    Construction Accidents & New Jersey's Workers' Compensation System
    JERSEY CITY, NJ, March 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Last year alone there were over 800 work-related fatalities in the American construction industry according to the United States Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to New

    Make Safety a Training Priority

    Every working environment has its own inherent risks when it comes to potential on-the-job accidents. For retailers, danger zones can be a wet floor or a sharp knife or that blind corner in the basement storage area where you can run head-on into someone coming from the other direction.

    How do people learn about safety in your business? Do you have a class or formal on-shift training program that explains how best to avoid personal injury and what procedures to follow in case of emergencies, including injury of a customer or co-worker?

    Safety is important to all of us, as business owners and managers, and we want our stores to be safe for both customers and employees. But in my experience, safety doesn't always get as much training focus as product knowledge and customer service. Unfortunately, the importance of safety training is sometimes acknowledged only after there has been an accident or injury. Here are some ideas for making safety an ongoing training priority.