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    Just how close to commercial reality is a self-driving car? - Fortune ...

    What seemed unimaginable a decade ago becomes more practical, comprehensible, and real by the day. Google's ( GOOG ) self-driving Toyota Prius ( TM ) has logged hundreds of thousands of miles without incident on California roads. Most automakers are testing self-driving cars on tracks and -- lately, as I experienced earlier this week in Las Vegas -- in traffic. The Audi A7 equipped with " traffic jam assist " was programmed to drive itself slowly in heavy traffic at no more than 40 miles per hour. (Dr. Bjorn Giesler, head of Audi's project team, was behind the wheel.) The car was loaded with cameras, sensors, and a special device that monitors a driver's eyes to ensure he or she doesn't fall asleep at the wheel. In that event, the car will safely slow down, stop, and call for help. Think of a driverless car as a robot. For Audi and other automakers, a key question is how much of the driving should be done by the robot, how much by the driver. The driver decides. Executives at Audi and other automakers say the driver, in any case, must remain engaged and attentive, ready to take over in the event of the unexpected: a car travelling the wrong way or out of control, for example.



    driving accidents current events - News

    Consider the Worst Case With Zipcar
    Consider the Worst Case With Zipcar According to a Zipcar spokeswoman, Colleen McCormick, the $300000 in coverage has been adequate for every accident since it began operations. She added that more than half of accidents involve only the Zipcar vehicle itself. When another car is

    A pair of K&N Pro Series drivers will attempt to compete in both the East and West events this week. Current K&N Pro Series West points leader Greg Pursley will attempt to make his K&N Pro Series East debut at Richmond while two-time NASCAR Canadian

    Against advice, patients with LVADs are driving
    Objective data regarding compliance to the driving-restriction recommendation, as well as device-related events, are completely lacking, and current practice is independent of regulatory agencies, he said. He noted that the Canadian Cardiology Society

    Putting the Brakes on Road Rage Costs
    Cross that line, and your car insurance may not follow you. "Generally, insurance is designed to cover accidents and our own stupidity, not intentional acts," says Michael Randles, president of Insurance Center Associates of San Pedro, Calif.

    Auto Bits: Tips for safe and smart summer travel
    You may also want to clear up any old speeding or parking tickets that you may have in the state to which you are traveling, otherwise, you might find your car impounded in the event that you're stopped for a traffic violation.

    Matters of record for Oct. 14, 2013

    District Court

    St. Louis County

    Sept. 5

    Derek A. Shykes, 31, 4955 Gooseberry Lane, Hermantown, domestic assault, adjudication stayed on one year of probation with conditions including $50 fine, three days of local confinement, counseling and Domestic Abuse Intervention Program; disorderly conduct, dismissed.

    Sept. 27

    Deliena R. Lamberton, 32, 2231 W. Third St., Duluth, driving after cancellation – inimical danger to public safety, adjudication stayed on one year of probation with conditions including to comply with Ignition Interlock Program.

    James G. Misquadace Sr., 20, Duluth, first count of assault and domestic assault, fined $50 and 90 days of local confinement, time stayed on one year of probation with conditions including 21 days of local confinement, Domestic Abuse Intervention Program and counseling – per each count concurrent; second count of assault, dismissed.

    Aaron J. Norton, 23, 603 S. 71st Ave. W., Duluth, felony issuance of dishonored checks, fined $50 and one year and one day in prison, time stayed on three years of probation with conditions including $1,202 restitution, 43 days of local confinement and 30 days in Sentence to Serve Program; misdemeanor theft, 43 days of local confinement and $450 restitution.