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    Freezing Rain Leads To Accidents, Slow Morning Commute « CBS ...

    The freezing rain caught many off-guard, including many road crews who were left scrambling to treat roads.

    There were reports of dozens of accidents in the area, including one on the Walt Whitman Bridge that forced its closure at about 8:30 a.m. The bridge was fully reopened about an hour later.


     KYW’s Mike DeNardo reports that it was any icy mess outside Nancy Ortiz’s front door in Pennsauken, NJ.



    bad accidents photos - News

    Story, photos: Work accident rekindles Appleton man's faith in God
    "I immediately turned around and threw the door open and said, 'How bad is it?' And William said, 'Call 911.' I grabbed the telephone, dialed 911, grabbed a towel and raced into the backyard. Here's Dan on the ground, his foot is hanging off,

    Ryan Phillippe, Greg Marinovich on adventure and terror in 'The Bang Bang Club'
    [He says seriously] You don't drive a car and think you're going to have a car accident, but the chances are greater of being in a car accident than being shot doing photography. So what you is suspend that "inevitable," if it is going to be an

    DAMMMM! Samantha Ronson Accident Leaves Face Mangled (PHOTO)
    DAMMMM! Samantha Ronson Accident Leaves Face Mangled (PHOTO) Really bad, actually. Samantha Ronson was riding her BMX bike Saturday morning when she got into a bit of an accident. Ronson's injuries are pretty bad - she had to get twelve stitches across her forehead. Upon first seeing the photos of her wounds,

    One picture, two lives
    Cathy Clarke takes photos for the first time in her backyard after recovering from an automobile accident. Cait McMahan was leaping into the air, fists clenched, neck veins popping, mouth open in a scream of joy.

    Cyclists decry Golden Gate Bridge speed limit plan
    In his 10 years bicycle commuting, he has seen one accident, he added. "It's not that the tourists are bad people, but riding a bike safely isn't their first priority. It's enjoying the view," he said. "A little bit better education or orientation from

    Bad weather caused tragic accident

    BAD weather, poor road markings and lack of experience were some of the contributing factors in the tragic death of a teenage driver who died in a horror smash near Bidford just three days before last Christmas - a Coroner said.

    Charles Bateman, from Illshaw Heath Road, Solihull, had only been driving for five months before the accident and was travelling alone in adverse weather conditions when his car was in collision with a Land Rover Freelander on December 22, 2012.

    An inquest into the 17 year-old's death, at Leamington Justice Centre, heard that Charles was on his way to an 18th birthday party when the accident happened.

    The court heard it had been raining and there was standing water on the Welford Road and Honeybourne Road junction in Bidford at the time of the collision.

    Speaking at the inquest, crash investigation officer PC Grant Dumbleton told the court the 'give way' road markings were worn at the junction and were partially covered by standing water.