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    Woman files slip and fall claim against Philadelphia Airport ...

    Philadelphia International Airport over is being sued by a woman from Maryland woman is suing the airport for injuries she suffered after slip-and –fall accident on a bathroom floor that was left wet almost two years ago.

    The plaintiff is identified as Lindsay Farrell, resident of Abingdon, MD, who claimed that last Aug. 15, 2011; she slipped and fell on the floor of the ladies room in Terminal B of the airport. She blamed the unattended water pooled on the restroom floor made the surface unsafe. As a result, she was victim of several internal and external injuries on her head and all over her body and limbs but did not mention the specific. Her claim did not also mention what was the bodily function she claimed was lost as a result of the incident.



    slip and fall injuries - News

    What to do legally if you are injured in a slip and fall accident
    In fact slip and fall cases are difficult to prove. In order to receive compensation for your injuries you have to prove that there was something wrong with the property, say water on the floor, that the owner knew about it or should have known about

    HEB slated to go to trial over slip & fall
    A slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against HE Butt Grocery last June is set to go to trial on Wednesday, April 27. Alleging it was the grocery store's negligence that caused her to fall while shopping, Teresa Obregon filed suit against HEB on June 18 in

    Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Says Drivers Need To Be More Aware of Motorcycles
    The Atlanta personal injury law firm of Millar & Mixon, LLC, based in Atlanta, GA, focuses on representing persons injured in car, truck, motorcycle, bus and other motor vehicle accidents. The firm also handles DUI cases, slip and fall injuries and

    Spring HEB named in slip-and-fall suit
    Coward says that on May 14, 2010, she suffered serious injuries while shopping at HEB, 7310 Louetta. According to the brief, Coward slipped and fell in a puddle of water that the store should have cleaned up. Coward is seeking actual damages and court

    Health questions altering draft stock of handful of prospects
    The 4.62 40 is the real concern (4.5 at his Pro Day) and why Ingram looks to slip to the Pats at No. 28 if the Dolphins pass on him at No. 15. Enough teams need a QB that there's a lot of movement in the lower part of the first round right now.

    Delivery driver sues Phila. over knee injuries due to pothole slip-and-fall ...

    Streets while making a delivery Feb. 14, 2012, for his employer, US Foods Co., to the T-LOK German Grill.

    The suit says that after making his delivery, Scully was walking toward his truck, which was parked on Strawberry Street, when he accidentally stepped into the pothole, which had been obstructed by water, and fell to the ground, landing on top of both of his knees.

    The plaintiff claims he sustained damage to the ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage and bones of both of his knees.

    He has already had one knee surgically replaced and expects to have to undergo surgery to replace the other damaged knee sometime in the not-too-distant future.

    Scully claims his medical expenses have thus far topped $100,000, and they are anticipated to escalate after he undergoes future medical procedures.

    The plaintiff, who drives for a living, also says he has experienced wage losses due to his inability to work because of his injuries.

    “Said wage losses will continue into the future indefinitely, as Plaintiff has been declared permanently and completely disabled from his current employment and requires a second knee replacement,” the complaint reads.