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    Slip And Fall - Glenn Law Firm

    Slip And Fall

    Every day in America, people fall victim to slip and fall accidents. Personal injury cases involving slip-and-fall occur on someone else's property and falls under the category of Premises Liability Law. Any individual who slips and falls on premises owned by another party may be entitled to damages for injuries sustained as a result of the accident. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond, the Glenn Law Firm is ready and available to assist the victims of slip-and-fall accidents and will go after the best settlement or judgment possible.



    slip and fall settlements walmart - News

    Employee lawsuits a bigger part of modern American workplace
    Employee lawsuits a bigger part of modern American workplace Ellen Hoadley, whose firm Lexington Insurance Co. insures businesses against worker claims, recalled hearing one defense lawyer recently complain "For the plaintiffs bar, employment law is the new slip-and-fall." Employee-side attorneys don't agree.

    O' Brien acknowledged that she knew she could slip and fall if she stepped into the puddle, so she tried to avoid it. Nonetheless, O'Brien changed her course of travel and walked through the puddle of water in which she slipped and fell, causing injury

    “A nation of Winklevosses”
    And before you so hastily dismiss the question, go back and read that second paragraph and imagine that the “greedy corporation” I am referring to is Walmart and the “advocates” are ummmm…….people like Arianna Huffington. C'mon people. Let's admit it

    Neighbors wary of shipyard mega-building
    Neighbors wary of shipyard mega-building Judy Kaber, who said she co-authored Dan Clarke's statements, compared the conversation around Building 5 to the Walmart debate several years ago. Opponents of the former thought it would change the character of Belfast and objected to the appearance

    Bill would protect nursing homes in lawsuits
    "If someone has a slip and fall at Walmart they don't sue the owner of Walmart," said Doug Mannheimer, an attorney working with the Florida Health Care Association. Under the measure, a plaintiff would only be able to sue whoever holds the license to