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    Slip-and-fall in icy Staten Island driveway results in 250G settlement ...

    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A former Mariners Harbor resident whose ankle fractured when he slipped on ice in his landlord's driveway three years ago, has settled his lawsuit for $255,000, his lawyer said.

    Mario Metry, 31, was injured on Jan. 31, 2011, said his attorney, Michael H. Bush of the New Dorp firm Chelli & Bush.

    According to Bush, Metry had gone to the Lake Avenue home of his landlords, Giuseppe and Vincenza Taormina, around 7 p.m., to pay rent for the apartment he leased next door.



    slip and fall settlements - News

    Keshya Williams: How much does store owe slip-and-fall victim?
    I think this was supposed to be a settlement for what happened to me. I'm not going to lie about anything, like I told them, other than the cut, I'm feeling fine. I didn't get stitches or anything like that, but I couldn't use my hand for a couple days

    HEB settles slip & fall during pretrial
    During pretrial proceedings on Monday, the parties reached a settlement. In her suit, Obregon claims she was in the process of buying groceries at HEB on FM 365 in Port Arthur on an unspecified date when she sustained serious injuries after falling due

    What to do legally if you are injured in a slip and fall accident
    In fact slip and fall cases are difficult to prove. In order to receive compensation for your injuries you have to prove that there was something wrong with the property, say water on the floor, that the owner knew about it or should have known about

    Memphis Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Kowachik, Helps Locals Involved With Slip ...
    When interviewed recently, Dr. Kowachik stated, "When a person is injured in a fall or slip, they will often try to ignore the pain and carry on with their daily activities. However, in many cases, the injury is more serious than they may think and

    $1.5 Million Verdict Won By Tucson Attorneys Against BCI Coca-Cola For Slip ...
    According to Pima County Superior Court records, Hollingsworth Kelly Law Firm personal injury attorneys filed a slip and fall lawsuit on behalf of the kindergarten teacher after BCI Coca-Cola refused to settle for the requested amount of $149000,

    Take nothing judgment entered in slip & fall suit against La Morenita Meat Market

    A “take nothing” judgment has been entered in litigation brought by Juan Zuniga, who filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against La Morenita Meat Market.

    As previously reported, the suit was filed Feb. 27, 2012, in Jefferson County District Court. 

    Court records show the plaintiff filed a motion to compel settlement on Feb. 18, asserting that the defendant insists as a condition of fulfilling its settlement an inclusion of proper language release.

    The motion asked the court to compel defendant’s counsel to authorize the execution of an appropriate release.

    The following month, on March 28, a take nothing judgment was entered in the case, ending all claims, court papers say.

    The lawsuit alleged that on Jan. 30, 2011, Zuniga was proceeding into the Port Arthur store when he slipped and fell on a wet substance on the floor.

    The suit alleged the defendant knew of the dangerous condition and failed to prevent the plaintiff from being injured.