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    Under Pressure: Managing work related stress – Part 2 | Workplace ...

    As we discussed in the first part of our work related stress series, poor mental health – including stress and anxiety – is a major issue in the workplace, calculated to cost the UK economy £26 billion pounds each year. While stress itself is not an illness, excessive and prolonged stress can lead to serious mental and physical illness. In this second part, we discuss the practical steps you can take to help reduce excessive stress at work, hopefully making your workplace a healthier, happier environment for all.


    example of accident in workplace - News

    The power of naps
    Workplace snoozing has been the topic of an awful lot of water-cooler jesting lately — at least among those awake enough to remember their conversations. First, there were a rash of reported incidents of

    Calif. Agents: Tread Carefully When Providing Workplace Safety Advice
    Fo example, if you bumped into an unguarded power take-off (PTO) on the back of a tractor, 51 percent of the time it would cause a serious injury, Krycia explained. Under AB2774, Cal/OSHA officials just need to show that there is a “realistic

    Chicago Nursing Home—Paradise Park Assisted Living Center—Cited For Safety ...
    For example, the Washington Examiner recently reported on workplace safety violations at an Illinois assisted living facility—Paradise Park Assisted Living Center. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration hit the facility with 17

    New concealed carry bills go further than previous efforts
    "It's ironic that legislators would exclude guns from their workplace, the state Capitol, but not think about the safety risks inherent at locations where some of the our most vulnerable community members seek safety and help," said a statement from

    World day for safety and health at work : Occupational safety and health ...
    Of these, about 350000 deaths are from workplace accidents and more than 1.7 million are from work-related diseases. In addition, commuting accidents increase the burden with another 158000 fatal accidents. Each year, workers suffer approximately 270

    On-post accidents lower in FY13

    Installation Safety Office officials see this number as a great achievement, especially when considering the Department of the Army goal called for a 10 percent reduction.

    “We actually achieved a 40 percent [reduction], which  far exceeded the DA goal,” said Michael Johnson, Installation Safety Office director. “This is really good news here.”

    The fiscal year ended well not only at Fort Campbell, but also Army-wide. Recently released data from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center revealed FY13 as the Army’s safest year to date.

    In terms of the Fort Campbell civilian workforce, most accidents and injuries can be attributed to overexertion, (ie. back sprains, shoulder strains). Along these lines, the Installation Safety Office tailors “trend training” around the most common accidents. For example, officials may give classes at different locations across post about how to lift properly.

    “The thing about it is, do things the right way,” said Mark Blankenship, Installation Safety Office deputy director. “Don’t take the shortcuts. If it takes two people to lift something, get somebody to help you. If you’re supposed to do something a certain way, make sure you do it that way. Because that’s the way it’s designed so you don’t get hurt.”